Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apple gingerbread

I knew nothing about gingerbread growing up. The closest thing I had were those ginger nut biscuits that you risked breaking your teeth on every time you took a bite. Which food scientist decided they should be this hard?

But I do know about some of the nutritional qualities of ginger itself (thanks mum). I can tell you two things.  Whether they are based on any scientific basis, I can't say.
  1. We could only wash our hair during winter time with ginger water. Specifically, you collect as much ginger skin as possible, boil it in water, and then wash your scalp with it. The more heat you can withstand the better. The ginger was supposed to prevent the cold from seeping into the scalp. You'll notice a common theme here with my mum - she was obsessed with stopping the cold from entering our body. Wearing a jumper just will not cut it.
  2. During my one month confinement after giving birth to Baby, I had to eat pig trotters and eggs cooked in sugar, vinegar and ginger (lots of ginger). The ginger is supposed to get rid of the "wind" in my body. Thankfully the stuff tasted good, so I was happy and mum was happy. 
And that's the end of the story.

Here's the recipe before you fall asleep.


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