Monday, February 14, 2011

Chicken Divan

Divan?  What is that?  My first two thoughts when I was scanning this.

So what is a divan?  According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a divan has two definitions.

Hmm, neither of these sound right.  On further Googling (yes that is a valid verb), Wikipedia tells me that it is a classic American dish and was originally created at the Divan Parisienne Restaurant in the New York Chatham Hotel.  Chicken Divan recipes share common ingredients like broccoli, cheese and chicken.  Some use tinned soups, others do not.  Others also add mayonnaise.  The one below is a basic recipe, good for those times when you are prosciuttoless, quinoaless or Porcini mushroomless, which in my case is all the time. 
aww australian women's weekly recipe card chicken divan


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't really understand you. You are an Asian woman "road testing vintage Australian women's recipes" critiquing (by your own account) a "Classic American Dish" and making the statement that you always make it with Porcini mushroomless (wtf does that mean)all under the title "AWFUL FOOD" Maybe you don't know what "awful" means in English? Good luck though.

Anonymous said...

I do believe “Awwful” is a play on words. I took it to stand for Australian Women’s Weekly.

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